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Jonny Garcia is a Brazilian-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist. From an early age, driven by a passion for self-expression, Garcia immersed himself in various disciplines, including dance, mime, acrobatics, magic, and hypnotism, before delving into the visual arts.


Since 2019, Garcia has dedicated his efforts to exploring digital collages, accumulating a body of work comprising over 500 pieces. Garcia's collages have been featured in various exhibitions such as *Impromptu IV* exhibit at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, *Corporeal Gestures: An International Exhibition of Contemporary Collage* curated by Clive Knights in 2022, and the *Cut/Paste/Resist* pop-up Exhibition at the University of New Brunswick Art Centre. In 2020, one of Garcia's collages was incorporated into a school program in the city of Kingston, Canada. Furthermore, the *Schwitters’ Army Collection of Collage Art* at MERZ Gallery has included one of Garcia's collages in its collection.


In addition to his artistic pursuits, Garcia holds two computer degrees, along with a degree in psychoanalysis coupled with clinical experience.

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